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Street Performance Oils

Not every performance engine lives in a race car. In fact, modern high perfor-mance street engines place demands on a motor oil that a racing oil can’t meet. Idling, Ethanol fuels and extended periods of storage can cause corrosive wear problems that racing oils are not equipped to solve. Engines like these need oil that can protect on the road, on the track and in the garage.

Modern performance engines often utilize variable valve timing and hydraulic cam followers, so maintaining viscosity is critical to the performance of these valve trains. The Driven Street Performance Oils are specifically designed to resist shear thinning and maintain hydraulic force. Driven uses advanced mPAO synthetic base oils which improves air release for excellent anti-foam performance, and the high viscosity index of the mPAO delivers shear stable viscosity for the best in street performance lubrication.


  • HIGH ZINC CONTENT: Higher levels of Zinc (ZDDP) deliver proper anti-wear protection for high output engines and aggressive valve train designs.
  • BOOSTED WITH MOLYBDENUM Molybdenum works synergistically with ZDDP to reduce friction and wear in your engine. Every Driven street performance oil features boosted levels of Molybdenum to enhance protection and performance when the vehicle is on the track.
  • SHEAR STABLE, SYNTHETIC FORMULAS: Our advanced synthetic formula pro-vides improved cold start protection, lower volatility and increased high temperature high shear protection. No other oil provides the shear stable viscosity that Driven delivers.

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