About Us


To provide winning dragsters using the latest technology and highest quality materials,

while providing exceptional customer service and maintaining our outstanding reputation

for safety, quality and affordability!


1.  Safety

Utmost attention is given to safety and detail.  Being racers ourselves  means staying  updated  on  ever changing safety concerns and issues and, being involved on a daily basis with the cars we build, allows us to keep a step ahead of the competition concerning safety requirements.  All cars meet or exceed SFI 2.3H Specifications.

2.  Quality


We take personal pride in the cars we sell.  All cars bearing the Racecraft Chassis logo are built of the highest quality available and constructed of the finest materials.  Custom built to fit your needs, they provide years of outstanding consistency and performance. 

3.   Affordability


Years of racing experience allow us to offer the most competitive prices in the industry.  We can build you one of the most consistent and reliable dragsters in the country, with several choices to match any budget.  After all, what good does it do to have a race car if you can't afford to race it?