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Storage Protection

Before you put your engine in storage for the winter off-season, it’s crucial to make sure it has the correct protection. This ensures it will be in proper running condition when it’s time to take your ride back out on the road next year.

Driven offers two versions of Storage Defender – one formulated for fuel and one for oil. Both are designed for all gasoline engines and will save you the hassle of costly post-storage repairs resulting from corrosion that occurs at an accelerated pace over the winter due to temperature swings. Because they are specifically formulated to protect against Ethanol corrosion and induction deposits, both Driven Storage Defenders and their special corrosion inhibitors work to counteract the damaging moisture buildup resulting from the hygroscopic characteristics of Ethanol-blended fuel. Over the winter months, the Ethanol in your fuel tank absorbs moisture, which if left unprotected will lead to rust, corrosion and other costly problems. In addition, this additive stabilizes the fuel as well as cleans existing deposits in the combustion chamber.

With Driven Fuel and Oil Storage Defenders, you can rest assured that once it’s spring and you’re ready to bring your ride back out, its performance will remain the same.


The storage additives are pour-in top treatments that provide rust and corrosion protection for engines that see seasonal storage. By following the simple steps below, these products provide excellent storage protection for any engine.

  1. Perform an oil change.
  2. Add both additives.
  3. Run the engine for 5 minutes.
  4. Put your vehicle in storage.

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