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“We developed Driven Racing Oil to fix our flat tappet camshaft problems. Just changing to the BR Break-In Oil from off-the-shelf products, we virtually eliminated break-in failures. Next, we began to develop qualifying oils and race oils, and that is where we found significant power gains. Every engine we build uses Driven Racing Oil because it delivers power and durability.” - - MARK CRONQUIST, Head Engine Builder, Joe Gibbs Racing

Why did the Driven BR break-in oil solve the camshaft wear problems for Mark Cronquist? Not because of “magic molecules” or “proprietary technology”. In-stead, the secret to solving the problem was as simple as tailoring the chemistry to meet the application. You see, all oils lubricate, but the real question is how long will the oil lubricate and under what conditions? A gear oil is a terrible motor oil. Why? Because gear oils are designed for gears and differentials and motor oils are designed for engines. Different applications require different chemistries. Think about shoes. You could wear boots to run a marathon, but they won’t work very well. Shoes are designed for the application, and so are lubricants. That is why break-in oil works better for engine break-in than Diesel engine oil – application specific chemistry.

Driven specializes in application specific chemistry. We provide oils for specialty applications that can benefit from specialty oils that go beyond the API licensed oils on the shelf at the local parts store. These “stock” motor oils work for stock engines, but when you install a higher lift cam and stronger valve springs, you need a better oil. High performance engines see more RPM, higher loads and increased temperatures compared to stock engines, so a high performance engine requires higher levels of Zinc, Phosphorus, Sulfur and other additives to prevent increased wear. This is especial-ly true in flat tappet engines.

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