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Go Lithium Batteries

Construction & Background

 GO Lithium batteries have no internal wires and are hand made in America. The 5 Cells that make up our 16v battery are unique to us and are press fitted into the case and bolted together with copper plates. Because of this new innovative design we are also able to connect our terminals without any of the wires and solder that most battery companies use.


 In racing applications batteries need to be built strong to endure the stress of tire shake, dirt track racing, and even crashes and accidents. GO Lithium batteries are built as one solid unit that can stand up to any situation you encounter.


 Tested and built in northern Minnesota we see extremely cold winters and have tested in every season so you can be sure your car will start at your next race or practice session.


 We know there is some worry about lithium batteries and the rumors and horror stories you hear. We are proud to say that we have never had a GO Lithium battery ever catch on fire or explode.


 GO Lithium uses Lithium iron phosphate, it has excellent thermal and chemical stability. This battery stays cool in higher temperatures. It is also incombustible when it is mishandled during rapid charges and discharges or when there are short circuit issues.

 Our battery is designed with a pressure release system, each cell has one and the case itself has venting built into it. So if you ever were in a situation where the battery was in an accident or shorting out, the pressure that would normally cause other batteries to explode will be released and prevent any explosions or fire. 

customer testimony & More info

 Below are some videos from dealers and customers of GO Lithium with their experiences with the battery.


 If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call or email and we will be happy to help.